Download the new Ravatherm XPS brochure

March 31, 2020

In view of our renewed image and product range, we have also prepared a new Ravatherm XPS brochure where you can find all information about Ravatherm XPS products, their features, and applications.


In order to provide you with all the useful information when choosing the best product for your project, the brochure describes all possible uses of XPS, each Ravatherm XPS product ideal for that application, its benefits and how it works.


In this brochure you can find general product information, technical data and detailed applications with additional categories and tips:

  • Flat roofs
  • Walls / Structures with thermal bridges / Footing
  • Perimeters / Floors
  • Pitched roofs


As you already know, what has changed in our product range are product names:

Ravatherm XPS 300 WB 20 mm -> Ravatherm XPS 300 PB 20 mm

Ravatherm XPS 300 STG -> Ravatherm XPS 300 ST


You can download the latest brochure with all the above information in PDF format here.


For any additional information and orders don't hesitate to contact our sales representatives.