Ravago Building Solutions Croatia at NFO lecture and exhibition opening at ORIS House of Architecture

March 26, 2020

On Thursday, March 5th, 2020, the NFO architecture studio gave a lecture and opened an exhibition of their works at ORIS House of Architecture in Zagreb, Croatia.



Ravago Building Solutions Croatia went as one of the event’s sponsors together with Etex company, one of the major producers of fibre cement and fibre cement panels for ventilated facades Equitone.

As you know, besides being the number one XPS producer in Europe, Ravatherm XPS, Ravago Building Solutions is also a distributor of other high-quality building materials including various types of panels and materials for ventilated facades systems.



The goal of the presentation Ravago Building Solutions Croatia held during the event was to emphasize two important factors for Ravago's current and potential partners, the architects:


  • Ravago Building Solutions Croatia is always aiming to be not just another distributor, but also a partner, a number one go-to company for the successful realization of the project with the ability to provide the technical support and the whole range of products for complete ventilated facade system realization.
  • Etex is not just another producer but also a company that greatly appreciates the opinion and advice from the architecture community in order to continuously maintain high standards when it comes to the high quality and aesthetics of fibre cement panels for ventilated facades.



NFO is a successful Croatian architecture studio with many architecture awards under their belt. RBS Croatia always enjoys collaborating with them and other architects on the successful realization of their projects and ideas.

The most recent collaboration of RBS Croatia and NFO was on the project of the Student Campus in Osijek where RBS Croatia participated as the distributor of Equitone panels for ventilated facade system.

If you are considering the ventilated facade system for your next project or you require other high-quality building materials, you can browse our product range and don’t hesitate to contact us.