Thermal and Sound Insulation

To meet today's regulations and build in accordance with current energy efficiency guidelines, all external constructions need to be thermally protected. Thermal insulation reduces heat losses in the winter as well as overheating in the summer and protects the load-bearing structure from external conditions and strong temperature strain. The thermal buildings are more enjoyable, their lifespan is extended and they contribute to environmental protection. Good knowledge of the thermal properties of building materials is one of the prerequisites for designing energy-efficient buildings. Thermal losses through the building element depend on the composition of the element, the orientation and the coefficient of thermal conductivity. The lower the coefficient of thermal conductivity, the thermal protection of the building is better.

To achieve good thermal protection of the external wall, the recommended coefficient of thermal conductivity U = 0.35 W / m2K. This requires an average of 10 cm of stone wool rendered facade, or 8 cm of polystyrene, depending on the stated value of the thermal transferability of the material.


Types of thermal insulation

When selecting materials for thermal protection, in addition to thermal conductivity, other material characteristics such as fire resistance, water vapor, diffusion resistance, compressive strength, puncture, durability, moisture resistance, etc., should be taken into account.

RAVATHERM XPS closed-cell polystyrene foam thermal insulations are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, exclusively from quality raw materials. The special material structure guarantees efficient thermal insulation. Due to the closed, crystalline cell structure, RAVATHERM XPS is not sensitive to moisture, loadable and considerably reduces the thermal load on our buildings.

Stone wool provides effective thermal insulation, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, fire protection, the ability to diffuse vapor and a comfortable environment due to its excellent sound insulation as it is an excellent noise and vibration absorber.


In addition to our own production and sales of extruded polystyrene boards and stone wool materials, the distribution of a wide range of other insulation products is and will be a mainstay of the Ravago Building Solutions product portfolio:


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